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Itinerary for Bizarre Hauntings In Gettysburg,Pa (Sept 6-9th 2018)


Thursday is at no cost and is included with any package for the weekend or even single day purchases!

9:00 PM – Gloomy Sunday Parlor Theater with Vlad
Midnight – Seance


2:00 PM – Meet and greet in Main Ballroom
3:00 PM -Vendor Room Opens
4:00 PM –  Performance with TBA
5:00 PM – Break for dinner
7:00 PM – Performances with Paul Prater, Christopher Taylor, Joseph Daniels, and Vlad (open to public)
8:30 PM –  Ghosts with Vlad
10:00 PM – Performance with Paul Noffsinger
11:00 PM – Seance with Vince Wilson


9:00 AM – Vendor Room Opens
10:00 AM – Workshop with TBA
11:00 AM – Workshop with TBA
Noon – 4PM – Workshop with Paul Voodini Click here to register!
1:00 PM – Vendor room demos – Vince Wilson and more
2:00 PM – Break for lunch
4:00 PM – Workshop with Prof BC
5:00 PM – Break for dinner
7:00 PM – Performances with David Parr, Paul Voodini and Sylvia Sceptre (open to public)
8:30 PM –  Improv theater with Vince Wilson, Paul Prater, Vlad and Paul Noffsinger
10:00 PM – Performers round-up
11:00 PM- Murder Mystery Show with Vince Wilson
Midnight – Ghost stories and paranormal investigation



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